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 By Laura Mackaness Reviewed 25/05/2018

I am so happy with this host and their customer service and support is beyond praise. They assisted me through all the difficulties I had in transferring my website from another server and they have done it very quality. I felt understood and well-supported.

 By Maon Desn Reviewed 24/05/2018

I liked dailyrazor coldfusion hosting account and contacted them - pricing and features suited my needs and budget. Then I`ve written in to the support staff to talk about upgrading my package, as my site has expanded greatly on their servers. They gave me two public IP addresses! I had to pay my previous provider extra to get just one.
Great web hosting experience here - many thanks. I`ll continue using your hosting service!

 By Mircea Reviewed 24/05/2018

Good job, Gigapros! I have updated my billing information. Please renew my hosting. I am 100% satisfied with your company! The downtime on my site for maintenance, etc. has been extremely low. Keep up the good work.

 By Anthony Shin Reviewed 23/05/2018

MacHighway hosting rocks. It is one of the best and cheapest hosting service I have ever used. The Customer Care service is also very friendly and they helped me out to solve a lot of problems.

 By Daljeet Reviewed 22/05/2018

The Support System is disgusting . I have opted for Jelastic cloud it took than 2 week to create my environment which resulted to agony in front of My clients. I will suggest not to go for this company for any cloud solutions. They are horrible and its My mistake I relied on them for my hosting requirement.

 By Michael Rich Reviewed 22/05/2018

I immediately needed help in the transition, which was instantly provided by these guys. Not only did my site get up and running again in lightning fast time, but these guys even helped with me a number of other hardware and software issues totally unrelated to what you`d expect from your hosting provider.
Nice selection of included scripts, CPanel, MySQL control panel, and many others that the high priced sites do not offer or support. Recommended.

 By Jacob Reviewed 22/05/2018

We Purchased Windows Hosting from The support has been provided within minutes of requesting help. Their staff is polite, patient and competent. Good support 24x7, good service, I highly recommend

 By Nancy Giles Reviewed 22/05/2018

I found this hosting provider helpful to live my websites on internet. When I started making my website, I found this provider in google provided advertisement. I thought to buy hosting from KVChosting and I got a good response.
This provider has many packages that every poor and rich developer can buy any type of hosting. I faced some problems in my start. But because of live chat, I was answered all my questions.
This host took me from low level experience to a high level. I cannot forget this net forever. I am pleased with them!

 By Anvi Sharma Reviewed 21/05/2018

I have been with Hostjinni as a client for more than a year. They provide very good service and customer satisfaction.They maintain their 99.99% uptime every time. I Suggest Hostjinni to everyone....

 By Tima Reviewed 19/05/2018

Awesome host. Had a issue with an IP being banned (Thought my site was down, but i got my ip banned due to failed login attempts). They promptly removed it.

 By Hersh Seeb Reviewed 17/05/2018

I am Lucky I`ve found Gigapros web host. First, I transferred one of my Joomla sites on their personal hosting account and was really impressed by Instant Setup, speed connectivity and their technical support help. These guys are rocks. After several weeks I also transferred my other Joomla sites and Magento Commerce one. They were very helpful - I appreciate all the work they have done for me.
I added $30 per month and really glad. Thanks a lot, dudes!

 By John Van Horn Reviewed 17/05/2018

I have been a ColdFusion developer for 18 years now. I have worked with many hosting companies, and Hostek by far provides the best customer support out there. They are the only true source for ColdFusion hosting. They are fast to respond and very knowledgeable. A few years back they were having soe growing pains, and support suffered, but they are back at the top again, and I wouldn`t host a ColdFusion site anywhere else.

 By Anonymous Reviewed 16/05/2018

The worst hosting company by far. Worst customer support, ever. VERY RUDE owner! Their website was not updated since 2009, Bugs are on every page. Almost nothing works. Owner or developer can`t fix anything on this site. They simply ignore and close your support tickets if they can`t fix the problem. How can a company like this ever exist. DO NOT USE THIS HOSTER! NEVER! They are simple wasting your time...

 By Zrinka Bilic Reviewed 16/05/2018

It is great. Easy to use. Great customer service. I can call at anytime and get help. My friend recommend it to me and he was right. Simple cheap awesome. Nice job!

 By Abelsen Reviewed 16/05/2018

Glowhost provided me with great technical support help. Within an hour after signup i can login my control panel and my domain is active! That`s fast because when I signed up with another web host it took me a day to see domain. I like the CP, coz it really nice and helpful.
Happy to deal with this decent US web hosting provider - Double Thumbs Up!

 By Anatoly Reviewed 15/05/2018

Glowhost have produced a site that couldn`t have suited our requirements better and grasped a firm understanding what we were looking for right from the outset. Amenable, professional and quick to respond to all our requests, plus excellent `after-sales` service.

 By Witold Bowski Reviewed 15/05/2018

If you are going to host any website (but not adult related), use Gigapros web hosting, they deserve your business. I have never had a problem they couldn`t fix, and fast. They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the cPanel (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCar and WHMCS to name a few). All of them are free. Their control panel system is absolutely fantastic. I feel their prices are a little on the high side compared to what bandwidth you get.

 By Frances Hunter Reviewed 15/05/2018

I was looking for a host and my friend told be about KVChosting, first I thought it was an ordinary hosting company but when I tried it, I liked it. Whenever I have any issue related to hosting their Staff is there to help me. Their uptime is really good, I never saw my website down after choosing them.
Their features are great as well. I simply loved that hosting! You guys should try it too!

 By Jacob Reviewed 15/05/2018

The control panel also makes it extremely easy to get support. A knowledgebase search in the sidebar gives you quick access to articles. And a support tab at the top lets you reach live chat support with no problem.

 By Katja Reviewed 14/05/2018

Our dealings with this company have been a pleasant experience. The staff are helpful and conscientious and more than happy to assist wherever possible. We would have no hesitation in recommending hostingsource to anyone.

 By Richie Melchior Reviewed 11/05/2018

Great value for money and a really easy service to use and to get to grips with. The 24 hr online support is excellent and the fact that you always pick the phone up and talk to your customers to me is a massive positive.

 By Melissa Riley Reviewed 10/05/2018

The tech support crew is knowledgeable and responds quickly to help you resolve any issues. I know this personally because I have contacted them with my problems several times and those issues were resolved quickly and to my customer`s satisfaction. Thanks a lot.

 By Rouleau Claude Reviewed 10/05/2018

Great hosting, never a problem with customer service, reliable, good communication regarding server maintenance issues and competitive pricing. I`ve finally found a good home with Gigapros web host. I especially love their support. The support is good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done.
It`s good cheap hosting.

 By Connor Reviewed 10/05/2018

Crappy host, poor response times, expensive, and they will give you huge amounts of down-time and take your whole server off, even if you are paying 100s of dollars a month to host with them. Pathetic. I`ve moved to a new host and couldn`t be happier.

 By Soconaldo Reviewed 08/05/2018

In the process of setting up my new account at Glowhost, I spoke with several different techs. At the close of each conversation, I was invited to call the tech again if need be. They even provided their first and last name and extension numbers, and called me back twice! That may not be unusual at Glowhost, but in the last year of service at my previous host I was not able to speak with one single tech.