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 By Yvonne Farber Reviewed 24/11/2017

Greatly recommended! I have a client who emailed me and suggested choosing hostingsource web host. Well, I looked at their pricing and they met my budget. Their support was very helpful with setup - that was really nice of them. Uptime is good - my site is always up.

 By Claire Reviewed 23/11/2017

All it took just a simple phone call to gigapros, and it was up within an hour.
I`m here to stay. I love you GigaPros!

 By Omer Faruk Altun Reviewed 23/11/2017

I have more than 20 domains and they renew automaticly. But I lost one of my best domain due to not RENEWING. did not renew my domain while they sent renewal bill to me. My domain is on sale now for 4.380 USD.
I have been writing email, ticket but no one is responsing
GOTINAMES is stealing money..

 By Richard Gann Reviewed 22/11/2017

MacHighway chat support quickly helped me resolve an issue. Took less than a minute. Really great service.

 By Christoper Lecompte Reviewed 21/11/2017

EVERYTHING! from their dashboard to their support has been world class! This has helped me in 1 month to design a professional looking website completely from scratch, and bearing in mind i`m a complete novice at web design, this is quite simply and extraordinary service! They go the extra mile every time!
I would highly recommend gigapros hosting services to all web masters.

 By Mcfarlane Reviewed 21/11/2017

What you should check while selecting web host are:
1. Uptime
2. Price
3. Support
4. Reliability.
All I can say about ssd vps hosting services - PERFECT! Good web host.

 By kirti rai rai Reviewed 20/11/2017

I personally found the services of Microhost very reliable and awesome. They always makes the benefit of their customers and makes them happy with their services.

 By Vachel Daigneault Reviewed 20/11/2017

I had a billing renewal/upgrade query and, as usual, Hostwinds answered all of my questions and made the necessary changes. Thanks.

 By Leo Greece Reviewed 17/11/2017

I am a complete beginner at website design! I have has to learn everything from scratch, but I must say how easy and smooth this transition has been thanks to Gigapros web host. Their work is based on quality and techs are responsive and polite.

 By Chrobak Reviewed 17/11/2017

Thanks to this hosting review site we chose for our environmental awareness community. Their 1-click wordpress setup was easy and Ian, your videos have been so helpful to us in setting up our site! Thanks for their tutorials! I?ll let you know if we need any help!

 By X. Hachee Reviewed 17/11/2017

I was helped by Hostwinds support team, which provided a speedy solution to my issue. This experience has been similar with other advisors - very helpful and friendly.

 By Chavelli Spaargaren Reviewed 16/11/2017

Hostwinds provide top-notch technical support, the staff are very competent and are quick to respond.

 By Petra Kokkonen Reviewed 15/11/2017

The support during my transition from a standard Shared Hosting to a VPS was exemplary and they were extremely fast. Gigapros affordable packages, cheap domains are one of the reasons that this cheap web Hosting has become one of the most popular web hosting packages in the past.

 By Quintino Trentini Reviewed 15/11/2017

Their list of extra software installations is huge and their Site Studio is really easy to use. Recommended. mostly use emails on my domain name rather then web site itself, but it seems that both working good. Uptime 100%, fast support team, fast servers - I highly recommend hostwinds web host for hosting forum discussion boards.

 By Richard Gann Reviewed 14/11/2017

I have dealt with MacHighway numerous occasions and they are always very helpful. Thanks for your excellent services

 By Diana Mikulic Reviewed 14/11/2017

Hostwinds quickly identified and resolved a technical issue for me.
Polite and helpful. Thanks.

 By Dunstan Reviewed 13/11/2017

Excellent communication and response times. After having a bad experience with a web host, this ssd provider was very refreshing. And with the prices they have, you can`t go wrong. Fozzy is ok. I currently have joomla with my site and they do notify me when there`s an security problem with joomla and warn me for the upgrade, which is nice.

 By Pena Reviewed 13/11/2017

Why I stick with mainly is because whenever I`ve had issues (my fault or otherwise) their support is fast and knowledgeable and can be relied upon to sort you out. They are generous with space, domains and bandwidth, and technically I`ve found it good. Overall, I would say they are a good hosting provider that you can trust but they don`t meet the bar of outstanding.

 By Harpreet Reviewed 13/11/2017

fast ssd drives and php7..
Harpreet from

 By Magudesh Reviewed 10/11/2017

Customer support is awesome

 By Niko Gub Reviewed 10/11/2017

I own a dedicated server with them. I have carefully assessed their services and uptime and other thing before coming to this conclusion. Highly recommend these guys. And one more question about support - it`s really brilliant!

 By Johanna Reiniger Reviewed 09/11/2017

I recommend gigapros service. My website is up and running and I love it!
Their list of extra software installations is huge and their website builder is really easy to use.

 By Merle Stevens Reviewed 09/11/2017

I`m not sure how anyone can give AvaHost`s support anything less than 5 stars. I run an online marketing company and have called AvaHost roughly a hundred times over the years and their service is always better than anywhere else I`ve EVER called in ANY industry. Always so helpful, it`s free, never a long wait, they are pleasant, and they are Americans who speak good English that`s easy to understand. I absolutely stay with AvaHost and use AvaHost for all my clients because of their support and their cPanel configuration which makes my life as a web designer MUCH EASIER.I love AvaHost and the services they provide. It makes my life a lot easier and it starts with their features/prices and ends with their out-of-this-world customer service and tech support. Well done guys, well done.

 By Ekhlak Reviewed 08/11/2017

Store got malware infected 2 times with them in last 4 months.

 By Asa Lait Reviewed 08/11/2017

So many new surprises and new features added. I am 100% satisfied with web hosting service.