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 By Mariz Papas Reviewed 22/09/2017

They have the slowest hosting ever even though you have a 200gb bandwidth. I would suggest that you will go to bluehost, hostmonster or hostgator instead than their services. They will also let you pay for a separation fee which is 3,000 pesos and if you ask for a backup file from them which is just 1 folder they will charge you 5,000.00 which is too much!!! I was really disappointed on their services. :(

 By Nicolas Nike Reviewed 22/09/2017

Using the services of Microhost company, I found them very useful and beneficial for my use.

 By Kat Bowser Reviewed 22/09/2017

I am with hostwinds last 4 months, last month was merky with their software, they have fixed the issue and am still with their shared hosting and will be moving to their ssd vps soon.

Value for money and their support staff is excellent, I stay 1000s of miles away, I dont feel it, cos their service is cool.
Keep up the good work guys.

 By Jay Mitchell Reviewed 22/09/2017

With our site being extremely relevant right now we needed a place that does more than be nice on the phone until they have our credit card and we found that in Coolcom. Extremely well spoken and very smart - they are always willing to help us with absolutely no feeling as though we are problematic. I too would 5 star them but we are fairly new so I went 4. Next year I will change it if things keep going as they are.

 By Marker fernandez Reviewed 21/09/2017

Microst services are very reliable and helpful according to their customers need. They always make their customers happy and satisfied with their service.

 By Augustina van der Aalst Reviewed 21/09/2017

I`d recommend gigapros shared hosting to every webmaster searching for a reliable web host. Customer support replies in 15 mins! Their cPanel control panel includes everything you need. Whether you`re an expert user or a beginner it is very easy to use.
Network uptime is great and their promise (99.9% uptime guarantee) is ok. Perhaps most importantly, the host seems to really care about your business, is always friendly and easy to communicate with. I recommend this web host.

 By Melania Henson Reviewed 21/09/2017

I`m a happy client of this hosting provider. For anyone who is seeking a reliable hosting service at an excellent price, there is none better than MacHighway hosting.

 By Manfred Leister Reviewed 21/09/2017

I`d like to thank one of their employees, for the excellent service she provided me last week. Ms. Anstacia helped me to sort an error message and strange behaviour I received from my MySQL without any apparent reason. We have been messaging for about 2 hours (23.12.16) and never she lost patience. Thanks IX!

 By Gaurav Manchanda Reviewed 20/09/2017

Microhost is the best services provider with awesome service support.

 By Reilly Reviewed 20/09/2017

Well, have consistently offered me a great deal and introduced great packages (like Joomla, dotclear, wordpress, magento commerce) that helped me build my website and keep track of traffic and other maintenance. I bought their Cloud VDS Lite for $75/mo, they contacted me immediately and asked if I needed any help - all in all, I was impressed, they helped to upload all my files and from that time my site is running fast and efficiently.
And I am happy I`ve chosen them. Now I have all I need and even more!

 By Csaba Kiss Reviewed 20/09/2017

Best webhosting in Hungary Offering shared and dedicated hosting packages. Domain registrar. VPS services uptime 99,99% guarantee!

 By Marker fernandez Reviewed 19/09/2017

Microhost is providing very goods services for their customers according to their needs.Happy to use their services.

 By Janos Toth Reviewed 19/09/2017

I very much appreciate being able to administer the site via the control panel. Their uptime is very good. Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface. Dailyrazor is a great hosting site for the basics for development - cpanel, PHP/MySQL, and plenty of space for cheap. Their support is very responsive and willing to work through with you any problems related to your hosting.

 By Ida Andreassen Reviewed 19/09/2017

I now see why gigapros web host is #1 in wordpress hosting.
With as easy a setup as this was, I can now focus on what`s important, bringing in new clients, sites and hosting.
They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version. If you do have multiple sites and can afford the expense I would recommend getting their shared hosting account ($10/mo).

 By Stroope Reviewed 19/09/2017

I would like to thank team for the great service! You guys have put up for us new customers. I had a question and using your online chat I was able to get a QUICK support and my issue was solve very fast. Thanks !

 By Alec Coskov Reviewed 19/09/2017

We have a busy store that needs to have the internet presence up and running at all times. Having spent time at two major firms led us to try a more personable shop and boy am I glad we did. Refreshing is all I have to say about working with real people that are on staff rather than farmed out people. Breath of fresh air!

 By Nicolas Nike Reviewed 18/09/2017

I am using the services of Microhost since last 6 months and found them really very good service provider.

 By Vid Bozic Reviewed 18/09/2017

Hostwinds has very good and reliable customer service. I am only a part time web monkey, so I appreciate the level of service and support they provide. They are always there to fill in the gaps in my web hosting knowledge.

 By Jesús AntonioVizcaíno Jiménez ツ Reviewed 18/09/2017

Great! It`s the best hosting but the user panel it`s horrible.

 By Lukas Cech Reviewed 16/09/2017

As per previous review - support is useless, just sends you copy & paste answers to their generic support pages. No drive to help you with your query, just motivated to respond and close the issue ASAP.

Also, their user interface is confusing and hard to navigate.

There are plenty much better companies.

 By Marker fernandez Reviewed 16/09/2017

I am satisfied with the services of microhost as it always helps their customers whenever needed and provides the best to their customers.

 By Ivan Synek Reviewed 15/09/2017

For the time I have been using them, the service has always been faultless. Any time I have needed assistance setting up new domains with a website or email, the live chat feature has resolved issues in less than 10 minutes.

 By Richard Gann Reviewed 15/09/2017

Excellent customer service and reliable web server for the period of time I have been using them. No glitches, not downtime. Overall - excellent services!

 By Sean Maguire Reviewed 15/09/2017

No question I`m in the right place, I`m happy to give Coolcom a review. Started my site 4 years ago and even though my site is a target - they never made things hard. In fact, they taught me ways to protect it. The group is very personable, they treat me as an individual rather than one of a crowd and that`s how I like my support to play out. You could not convince me to move, not even to free hosting - some things are worth paying for and my business needs the kind of backing they provide.

 By L Williams Reviewed 15/09/2017

horrible connectivity performance on day one